Tuesday 1st November 2011

Windows 7 overtakes XP globally for first time in October

Free web analytics company tracks rise of Windows 7

Boston, USA & Dublin, Ireland; Tuesday, 1st November 2011: Microsoft's operating system Windows 7 overtook its 10 year old sibling XP globally for the first time in October, according to StatCounter, the free website analytics company. The firm's research arm StatCounter Global Stats reports that in October Windows 7 took 40.5% of global web market share with XP at 38.5%. Windows Vista, which was intended to replace XP, is down at 11.2% globally.

"Vista was like the ugly sister that few wanted to dance with," commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. "Despite Microsoft trying to keep it back in the kitchen, XP has retained tremendous loyalty over the last decade. However, it looks like the younger Windows 7 is now emerging in the Cinderella role."

The StatCounter analysis finds that Windows 7 overtook XP in the United States in April of this year and in Europe in July. However, in Asia Windows XP still retains a clear lead at 55% in October compared to 36% for Windows 7. Vista in Asia is at 5%.

StatCounter Global Stats are based on aggregate data collected on a sample of over 15 billion page views per month (4 billion in the US) from the StatCounter network of more than three million websites.

As well as free web research, StatCounter (http://statcounter.com/) provides free website traffic analysis. This allows website owners, developers and bloggers to capture valuable intelligence on their site in real time e.g. number of visitors, visitors by country/region, search terms, popular pages, download stats, exit links and other data.

In September StatCounter announced its new website with added features.


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