Wednesday 10th July 2013

Web analytics company StatCounter launches "Internet Wars" Report

Samsung overtakes Apple to claim number one spot globally for first time in terms of internet usage

Chrome tops Internet Explorer in US for first time

San Francisco, CA & Dublin, Ireland; Wednesday, 10th July, 2013: Samsung has overtaken Apple globally for the first time in June to take number one spot in terms of internet usage, according to StatCounter, the independent website analytics company. In the United States Google's browser Chrome overtook Microsoft's Internet Explorer for the first time in June.

These are some of the findings in a new report from the firm's research arm, StatCounter Global Stats. The "StatCounter Internet Wars Report - Winners and Losers" charts progress over the last 12 months in the battle of the internet between the world's biggest tech firms including Apple, Google and Microsoft. The full report may be downloaded from:

"The report charts winners and losers over the last 12 months in the battle to dominate the internet whether in the field of browsers, operating systems, search, mobile or social media," commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter.

The report finds that while 12 months ago, Nokia led globally in terms of internet usage, Samsung (25.47%) has leapfrogged both Apple (25.09%) and Nokia (21.96%) to take the lead in June 2013. In the US and UK however, Apple remains the clear leader.

While in May 2012 Chrome became the browser leader in terms of internet usage worldwide, it has now overtaken Internet Explorer for the first time in the United States as well. In June Chrome took the number one spot in the US at 34.02% (up from 23.84% 12 months ago). Over the same time frame IE declined to 32.46% (from 40.89%).

Other highlights include:

Operating Systems: Windows 7 increases internet usage share despite launch of Windows 8 - XP refuses to lie down

Social Media: Reports of Facebook decline appear exaggerated
- Twitter has greater referral influence in the UK than in the US

Search Engines: Google still dominates worldwide but more competitive in US where Bing makes some headway

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